Buy Your 2010 Photo Here !

To order an e-mail file of your photo (JPEG), please send a Paypal payment of $5 per photo number to

Please include your name, bib number, and please click on your photo and include the photo number from the address bar at the top of the screen following "HL8L" (the four digit number)."  If this is any issue, right click on your photo, download the photo sample ("save picture as") and the photo number will appear after "HL8L"

You may also call the St John School of the Arts and pay by credit card: 340-779-4322

All profits from sale of the photos to benefit the St. John School of the Arts - Thank You!

PHOTOS ARE ALL ONLINE NOW---- If problems, e-mail webmaster:  Dorie

There are some just added March 15 am - numbers 1213 through 1320 - sorry we missed these first time out!


That's All Folks!!


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