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HouseThe Doll House

The winner has been chosen!
Congrats to Vezio Ricciardi!

326 tickets were sold raising $3,260.00 that will go directly to the 8 Tuff Miles College Scholarships

         Earlier this year I got to thinking about different ways to raise the $4,600.00 we need for the 8 Tuff Miles College Scholarship Funds and landed on what I am hoping will be met with success and happiness. Having acquired some carpentry skills over the years I decided to put them to use and build a dollhouse that would be raffled off on December 23rd and just in time to make a very special Christmas present for some very lucky little lady.

  As you can see from the photos each window is trimmed inside and out. The interior walls are painted and the floors are stained. All of the trim is mahogany. These early photos are of course showing the work in progress. I am giving myself until Thanksgiving Day weekend to finish everything and for those who are wondering, this will be an un-furnished home!

  Raffle tickets will go on sale in late November with a limited amount of 500 tickets selling at $10.00 each. (Limit 10 per customer) The last tickets will be sold on December 23rd minutes before the drawing if any are left at that time. Selling all 500 tickets will of course put us at the $5,000.00 mark and fund the college scholarship money we offer each year at the annual 8 Tuff Miles race.

  I am hoping you see this as a win win situation. $10.00 towards a chance to win a dollhouse that is sure to make someone very happy on Christmas morning and a way to donate to farther educate a top finishing child of this years 8 Tuff Miles road race.

As always if you have questions, concerns and / or comments please send them to;


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The picking of the Winner:
Congrats to Vezio Ricciardi!

Emily Murrill helps Peter Alter pick the winner!




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